How early morning walks changed my days?

I was never an early bird. In fact during the summer I used to go to sleep when everyone was waking up around 7am). I was convinced that I was a night owl; I enjoyed the calmness of the night. It was my ideal time to be creative, to write, draw and of course listen to music and sometimes even workout.

But as I grew older and of course started reflecting, I realized that I wasn’t really enjoying the nighttime as much as I was enjoying being alone, as I could have a long and uninterrupted me-time to do the things I like and not being distracted.

When the college year started, I had to get up early and therefore I couldn’t stay up and I felt suffocated. So I decided to switch, instead of having that me time at night, why not let it be the first thing I do in the morning and honestly it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I planned the perfect morning routine for me and gradually I started waking up at 5am and having almost three hours for myself.

And one of the things I started doing during these mornings, especially on weekends and now almost every day since college is over, is going on walks, long walks to be exact. Some times it can be just a run to the stor and it really makes a difference.


On the weekend I bring my dog along (she is the best companion for walkies).


Normally I would wear joggers, a hoodie, put on a good playlist or a motivational video (if I need extra motivation to go on with my day) and just start walking.

I have this time to just think and sometimes daydream. It sets my day for success. Another fun thing that I did during this walks is every other day, I would pick up a small rock and set an intention for it: for example I would take a rock and number it of course then I would go back home to my journal and write: n°8 is for my loved one or for my happiness … or anything I want and I write a few words ….

And not only I gave me the chance to move my body and get some cardio in but  it also helped so much with my anxiety. Before, I got this anger attacks whenever someone suddenly walks into my room in the morning; I seriously lash out and start screaming at everything and everyone including my parents (which got ugly sometimes). So I started waking up way earlier than them, going on with my morning routine and going out for a walk all of that while they were still asleep, which means I’m normally out of the house by 7am or 7.30am and I’m not back till around 9am. And when I’m back, I feel so much calmer and ready to face the day.

Going on morning walks really helped me more than I thought. And now I look forward to it every morning and sometimes when I’m not motivated to get up in the morning, I just think about the fresh air, the empty streets and the birds singing and it’s enough to get me out of bed.




Thank you for sticking around till the end of this blog. Like and share if you enjoyed it and comment down below what is your favorite part of the day.

Till next time.

Love …



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