How To Be More Productive: 10 Productivity Tips


Productivity is a very controversial topic, to be honest. It’s the ultimate goal for so many of us. And I’m not excluding myself… For years, I have been watching videos and reading articles about productivity: the dos and don’ts.

Some of them made sense but others just didn’t really work for me… so now I can confidently say that I am at my pike of productivity, I always make the most of my days without being drained by the end of it… I am tired at night, of course but who isn’t?

So in this blog, I will be sharing the 10 tips that help me stay productive and at the top of my game throughout the day.

Make sure to leave a star if you like it and comment if any of these tips helps you. Enjoy!



I have talked about planning so much in this blog and on my Instagram also but that is because it is so important (the link to that if you are interested is here). This picture is not mine, but it’s very similar to how I do it. Before I hopped on the productivity wagon, I never planned my day, and what happened? You guessed it, I wasted so much time. For the past couple of years, I have used a daily planner, I write everything in there, literally! Important dates, dates for the next month, and my daily to do lists; I write even the smallest things and the order in which these tasks should be done. And it’s a game changer.



Productivity starts the second you wake up! And I don’t mean you should jump and get to work, on the contrary, a slow morning is the key. Before, I used to wake up minutes before I had to leave and would always jump around to get ready to leave and I’m always late and tired still… so what I started doing is winning my morning and it was a hit. I changed my sleeping schedule (blog about that in here). I started waking up about three hours before I had to actually go out and I changed from a night owl to an early bird. My morning became my favorite part of day, I created my perfect morning routine and I love every second of it.


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I learned this one the hard way, I used to leave the hardest task last and I always end up tired by the end of the day and I have to skip it. I once did that for a whole week and it didn’t end well. So what I started to do is always doing the hard task first and even though I dread it, I get it over with and I feel so much better after.



It could be anything, from working out, to running to just walking, doing yoga… or even going to the grocery store, anything to get your body moving for a bit.

5/CAFFEINE (or decaf… or tea):


Probably an expected one, but my coffee is an essential for me. Every morning, I have to make my usual cup of coffee, and my day is brightened up. It’s about the caffeine, for sure, but it’s also about the ritual… the action of making my coffee and sitting at my desk, getting ready to start whatever I had planned for that day!



The things you surround yourself with do make a difference. I always make sure to clean my desk the night before so I wouldn’t have to do that in the morning. I like to keep things organized.



Another major key is knowing both when you are productive and where. I find myself way more productive in the morning and that is why I like to start early. If you are one of those who feel more productive in the evening, leave the things that need a lot of thinking for that time. And also where you work makes a huge difference; I am one of the people who prefer to get out of the house, I love studying/working at coffee shops and I do most of the time, but it’s not always possible, so on the days where I can’t leave the house, I try to change scenery. For the first half of the day, I usually sit at my desk, and for the evenings, I either stay there if I’m not into moving all my stuff or I move to the living room. But whatever you do, DO NOT WORK ON YOUR BED. Maybe I’m being dramatic and you  CAN work while in bed but not for me, whenever I try to do that, I end up sleeping… every time… always. And it’s annoying.



And NO, I’m not talking about people; I find that whenever I work with people, things don’t go well… So what I mean by company is that background noise. It could be music, a podcasts (I have a blog about my current favorite podcast in here), a YouTube video or just dead silence. Personally, I hate silence when I’m studying/working. I need the noise to focus (I’m weird, I know), but I have to have something playing in the background (as I’m writing this, I’m watching a YouTube video).



It’s so easy to get caught up with work and forget to take breaks, and that is not so good. It happened to me multiple times, I finally start to understand things or I’m writing and so into it and I don’t want to take a break and risk breaking my thoughts, but with time, I found myself getting tired easily. And when I say break, I mean an actual break, stand up, go refill your water, get a snack or talk to someone for a few minutes, don’t start on another task and take it as a break, because I did that, and THAT is not a break. So, learn from my mistake, save your time and take your breaks!



For those of you who keep working till they have to go to bed, please don’t! The worst thing you can do is keep working and then go to bed, I used to that and it was never good, and while you may think that you are being productive, you’ll be ruining the next day. You need to wind down before getting to bed, and for that you need a slow night routine. It could be just sitting in your bed for a while before going to sleep, you can read, write, journal, draw or sip on some tea with some serene music till you get sleepy. Really anything you want as long as it helps you relax before going to bed.

And that’s it, these are my 10 tips to have a productive day and win it!

I hope you like it, like and comment what had worked for you, would really love to read.

Till next time…


PS: I don’t own any of the pictures. If you know the owner, message me for credit


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