I’m an introvert

“Why are you so shy?”… “Why don’t you talk?”… “You didn’t leave your house in a week… you’re crazy”… “Why didn’t you answer my calls?”… “Why don’t you go out?”…. “How come you don’t make friends?”…

And so much more questions that I get asked on a daily basis. At first I used to try to come up a reasonable answer to those questions because when I say that I’m an introvert, people don’t seem to understand, but now I stopped trying to explain myself, so all I say is “It’s not in my nature”… And for some reason, this seems to convince people more than the truth…

Yes, I’m an introvert; I enjoy spending time alone, I don’t make a lot of friends and making/receiving phone calls is exhausting!

I live alone, which is every introvert’s dream; and I only go out for groceries or errands. Now that school is over, I finally have time to do the things that make me happy, and while everyone seem to think that it must mean that I go out all the time, it’s the actual opposite, I’m in my room all the time…

My sister calls me an idiot for not going out and having fun (she is an extrovert), but what she doesn’t know is that I’m not trapped in my room, I’m actually as free as a bird in here; I can, from these four walls, see a world that people don’t even know exists. It’s a world where I am constantly living an adventure. I can be whoever I want to be, I have so many lives that I get to choose from;

Some days, I’m the girl who just killed the monster and saved her loved ones,

Others I’m the warrior who raised an army and defeated the people who wanted to enslave her kingdom…

today, I’m the girl who is so in love, she raised heaven and hell to be with the person she loves…

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are boring… being an introvert doesn’t mean you are lonely… being an introvert (at least for me) means that the life we all see is not the only one that exists, it means that if I’m home, I’m not just home… I might be in my castle,

or by the river,

I’m amongst the clouds,

Or even better, I’m swimming so deep in the ocean all I can see is water everywhere…

…I’m where everything is possible!

Till next time…



  1. I’m kind of the opposite… or just really weird.. I’m an introvert but I find myself being pretty talkative. Overly talkative to people who give me attention.

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  2. I know what you mean. 🙂 I’m an introvert, too – and it has taken me YEARS to accept that fact and not look at it as a “weakness” or try to reinvent myself just to fit in. I took misguided criticism from others (and myself) as fact for far too long. But now, I’m learning to work with what comes naturally to me – and it’s helping me notice and own my strengths (of which introverts have many).

    Also, I’m a blogging newbie. 🙂 I recently wrote a post about how discovering Bob Newhart (and specifically, The Bob Newhart Show) became my first step in embracing who I am as an introvert. I’d love for you to check it out! 🙂 https://classicfilmconnection.wordpress.com/2021/09/06/bob-newhart-the-introverts-hero/

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    • I hear you, to others we seem shy or even scared of the real world; but being an introvert is an advantage you can use to your advantage only if you truly accept it and stop fighting it!
      I’ll make sure to go read your blog too 😊

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  3. So true!!! I can relate it to myself too! Cause I’m an introvert and my sister is an extrovert (elder) I get to hear these all the time from my mom about-try to express your feelings more or else how we’ll know what your feeling,don’t be so silent, why are you silent?is something wrong?don’t stay calm or people will think your weak and take advantage of you etc etc…..like seriously????🙄

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